Come join me in NOLA on May 15-19th 2019 for the Book Lovers Con – I’ll also be celebrating my Big 40 while I’m there!

To register for this amazing event: Book Lovers Con 2019



If you plan on going to the 2018 Romantic Times Convention – Make sure you come visit my friends and I for a game of Win. Love. or Draw!

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If you live near Rochester Hills, MI, I hope you’ll get out of the snow and come join us for a whole lot of fun!

Here’s the full schedule:
11 – 4 PM: Author Book Signings
12 – 1 PM: Feminism & Fantasy Workshop with Melanie Harlow
1 – 2 PM: Romance Trivia Game – hosts Elizabeth Heiter & Dana Corbit Nussio
2 – 3 PM: Let’s Make A Deal Romance Version Game show – Sage Spelling, Aliza Mann & MK Schiller
3 – 4 PM: Paths to Publishing Author Panel – AJ Norris, RC Mathews, & Elizabeth Heiter

It’s located at the Barnes & Noble at:
2800 S. Rochester Road, Rochester Hills, Michigan 48307



I told Dana Nussio a few secrets – Click Here to get the dirt:


The Chicago North RWA- Spring Fling 2016

Spring Fling

The Chicago North RWA holds a conference ever other year called, Spring Fling. This was my first year attending and I have to tell you, these ladies know how to conference!

I must first start sharing my car ride there with my fellow writers and soul sisters, MK Schiller and Aliza Mann. The three of us had a jolly old time singing at the top of our lungs to Prince, Madonna and even little Kim! But the five-hour drive from Detroit to Chicago had us a little restless and we downloaded an audio version a fabulous book by Christina Lauren, Wicked Sexy Liar. Let me tell you, when we finally reached our destination, none of us wanted to get out of the car. The book was that good. Needless to say, we finally made ourselves get out of the car and check into the hotel. But I have to confess, every free moment we had, we were in the car listening to the book (it sounded better on the car speakers!) Here is the link to this awesome book if your interested: Wicked Sexy Liar! 

Okay, we conferenced too and we even had a chance to hear  Christina Lauren speak at the conference- these two wonderful ladies that use the pen name, Christina Lauren to write together – (Left to right: Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings). They were wonderfully inspiring woman that talked about the their experiences and brought most of the room to tears!  We did get a chance to tell them our story about sneaking out of the conference to listen to there book and they giggled along with us! They were awesome!

Christina Lauren.jpg

I also enjoyed an excellent panel given by (left to right)  Courtney Milan, Christina, Lauren, and Robyn Carr on the struggles of writers. Courtney Milan also shared the importance of writing real characters with different backgrounds. The most important thing that I can share with you all is the community of romance writers. They are there to cheer you on, share there tips of the trade and inspire you to write your best book ever!


My friends and I also had the pleasure of having drinks with Robyn Carr.

A Drink with Robin Carr

This was also a book signing, which as super awesome – since it was my first real signing! Here I am chatting with the wonderful woman who won my table raffle!


Me Signing

Since it was my birthday, my friends and I enjoyed the town as well.


My only regret is that there wasn’t any models at this conference! No worries, Romance Writers of America’s conference is in July, and I promise lots of pictures with those hotties coming soon!

Romantic Times Convention!

There is nothing as fun as Conference season and a few weeks ago, The 2016 Romantic  Time’s (RT) Reader and Writer Convention was held in Las Vegas, BABY. And I got so many fun pictures, I wanted to share a few! Did someone say Models? Yes – lots of beautiful male cover models attended and I got the chance to pose with this gorgeous duo! They were a fun sport and we reenacted a sexy book cover. Though, I was giggling so much that it wasn’t sexy at all!

RT models 1

The parties at RT are a blast – there are always an unexpected treat – like these hot shirtless eye candy! (Yes – thats me in-between two of them … again 🙂

(From left to right – Authors: Aliza Mann, Sage Spelling, MK Schiller, and Shelly Bell)

RT Models 2

I attended some workshops too … Killion Group did a cool workshop where they showed the behind the scenes of a cover shoot. (Okay enough about models) I did attend some wonderful workshops on craft too-My friends, Aliza Mann, MK Schiller and Isabelle Drake (left to right)  did an awesome panel on diversity. Here is them talking about creating diverse characters!

And of course their was a huge book fair, but I was to busy buying books and fangirling over a few of my favorite author to take pictures. (Sorry, I’ll do better next time) There was also the Fantastic-Day Party where authors, including me,  were giving out free books and swag.

RT 2017 will be in Atlanta next year – If you are a huge romance reader, this conference is the one for you! You’ll come home with more free books and swag then the 50 pounds the airline allows.