Naughty Nightly

Naughty-Nightly-KindleMaddie Steel was convinced she’d lost her grip on reality. After a year filled with grief-fueled nightmares and the relocation to a small town in northern Michigan, she wasn’t equipped for the whirlwind that awaited her when a mysterious spell book arrived at the door. She didn’t believe in magic, not since she visited the supposed witch shops for love potions and magic spells as a teen. Yet, the same juvenile hope sparked in her wary heart with every word she recited from the spell used to reunite soul mates. Then the naughty dreams began . . . She was convinced her subconscious created Rami, a delicious sandman who invaded her dreams every night . . . until she woke one morning with Rami’s chain around her neck.

Is it possible the man of her dreams is more than a figment of her imagination?

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