Inked Hearts

mysexyvalentine600-digitalMy Sexy Valentine a Soul Mate Collection 1

One night. No boundaries. Uninhibited passion.

Boycotting Valentine’s Day had been Piper’s preferred way of protecting her heart until fate led her to Tammy’s Night Stand, a local adult toy store. She had been second-guessing her life choices, and resolved to be more adventurous. As luck would have it, Piper finds an attached tattoo parlor to the toy store and decides to search for a tattoo to signify the changes she was attempting to make in her life. When Dex, the gorgeous tattoo artist awakens desires she assumed where missing in her DNA, it alarms her. She attempts to stay away, not trusting herself around a man like Dex.

Dex lives in the moment and immerses himself in sexual actively to ease his grief-stricken heart, but when Piper walks into his tattoo parlor her presence banishes his destructive need. He finds her too pure for his damaged soul but allows himself one night with an angel. Driven with lust, Piper has her first one-nightstand, but dreads morning and saying goodbye to the man who stirred her innermost desires.



“What about a Chinese symbol?” a baritone voice said from behind her. She spun around and collided into a hard chest. Big hands gripped her by the arms and prevented her from falling. The enticing scent of spice and leather wrapped around her like a comforting blanket.

“I got you.” A dark, smoky voice said.

Her stomach fluttered, and Piper tilted her head up and looked into the clearest light blue eyes, like the sky on a bright spring morning. She swallowed hard. Her skin seared beneath his hands and her body sizzled with awareness.

She fidgeted in his grasp and he quickly released her. The moment he stopped touching her, coldness settled into her chest. She tried to remember what he’d said before their collision, but her brain wasn’t yet firing on all cylinders as she stared at him. “Umm, I’m sorry. What did you say?”

“What about a Chinese symbol?” His interested gaze swept her from head to toe, then back up again.

“Oh,” she said breathlessly, her knees weakened. “I never thought about it. A symbol sounds kinda cool.”

His sensual lips curved into a smile. “Any certain saying you want to express? We can find the symbol.”

“Ummm, well,” her attention captured by his sexy smile, she couldn’t think straight. “I really don’t know.”

His handsome face was chiseled with a strong jaw, kissable lips, and jet-black hair that stood up into a perfect short Mohawk. Piper flinched when she noted the schoolgirl uniform she held in her hands. Her cheeks burned and her nervous fingers dropped the garment onto the floor.

“Here, I’ll get that.” The man bent to pick up the costume from the ground.

Piper admired his slow, but reassured movements as he straightened. His black T-shirt clung to every muscle in his carved upper body. He glanced at the picture of the blonde model and then back at her. His stare burned into hers, and for a moment it was as though he read her deepest secrets. Handing her the bag, their hands touched and a shiver feathered through her.

“Here you go, Red.” He quirked an amused brow.

She mumbled ‘thanks’ and turned to look at more tattoo options from the wall. What’s happening to me? Her body reacted with a yearning she’d never experienced. She wanted to climb his strong physique, taste his full lips, and run her hands all over his masculine frame.

“I’ve got a book in the back too, if you wanna see . . .” His words were lingering and Piper couldn’t help think about what else he could show her in the back.

“I have no clue what I want, let me think about it. I’ll come back another day.”

Piper started to slowly back away. She needed to get out of there before she made an even bigger fool of herself.

“No problem, Red. Once you figure out what you’re looking for . . . ask for Dex.”

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