Inked Hearts

One night. No boundaries. Uninhibited passion.

Boycotting Valentine’s Day had been Piper’s preferred way of protecting her heart until fate led her to Tammy’s Night Stand, a local adult toy store. She had been second-guessing her life choices, and resolved to be more adventurous. As luck would have it, Piper finds an attached tattoo parlor to the toy store and decides to search for a tattoo to signify the changes she was attempting to make in her life. When Dex, the gorgeous tattoo artist awakens desires she assumed where missing in her DNA, it alarms her. She attempts to stay away, not trusting herself around a man like Dex.

Dex lives in the moment and immerses himself in sexual actively to ease his grief-stricken heart, but when Piper walks into his tattoo parlor her presence banishes his destructive need. He finds her too pure for his damaged soul but allows himself one night with an angel. Driven with lust, Piper has her first one-nightstand, but dreads morning and saying goodbye to the man who stirred her innermost desires.

Inked Hearts is getting a makeover, stay tuned for new release date!