Books + Make-up = Awesome


image0 (6)This week I had to share my awesome birthday present from my dear friend and fellow Novel Siren, Sienna Snow. Check out these cool story themed shadows from Storybook Cosmetics. 

Look how pretty the colors and the fun names of the shades like Sorcerer: ruby red (metallic), Cloak: graphite grey (matte), Potions: emerald green (metallic) and Prophecy: pearly white (pearl). The shop also has wand and broom inspired make-up brushes, lip glosses and so much more! Check out  Storybook Cosmetics website for all the book and make-up fun! 

I also wanted to share that my novellas all on sale for $.99 cents each! But you can also read them for free on Kindle Unlimited High Stakes , Exposed Cards and Naughty Nightly! 

White Post Note Card

Thats all I have today, let me know in the comments if you have an story  favorite swag, trinkets or make-up of your own! Love, Sage ❤

Book Mail is the Best Mail!

Since I have been working from home, I have been inspired to give my work space a face lift and what better way to do that than fill the space with more books! Even thought I write adult Romance, I love young adult especially if its fantasy and paranormal! Sorcery of Thorns, The Belles and Everlasting Rose were books I listened to on Audible but I loved the so much, the had to make it to my keeper shelf! These books are filled with Magic, strong heroines and are just so darn awesome! 


My next purchase was Sarah Maas’s Throne of Glass Series:

image1 (20)

I haven’t read them yet, but after reading her A Court Of Throne and Roses Series and I cant wait to get started! 

Here is the information about the series from Amazon. 

When magic has gone from the world, and a vicious king does not come to kill, but to win her freedom. If she can defeat twenty-three killers, thieves, and warriors in a competition to find the greatest assassin in the land, she will become the king’s champion and earn her freedom. Her name is Celaena Sardothien – beautiful, deadly, and destined for greatness.
But as dark forces gather on the horizon-forces which threaten to destroy her entire world-Celaena must fight to protect everything she holds dear, thrusting her into the epic, heart-stopping fantasy series that has turned #1 New York Times bestselling author Sarah J. Maas into a worldwide phenomenon.

Do you read Young Adult Romance or Fantasy/ Paranormal?

Give me your book recommendations below!  Can’t wait to discover more books to add to my growing library! Love, Sage ❤



Hello Summer – New Planner Set-up


Hello Summer!

During this uncertain time, I take comfort in the little things that brighten my day! My planner set-ups bring me so much joy and of course, I had to share them with you! This month, I used a Webster Pages Green A5 planner binder, its just so summerish. The leather is so soft and the color is so pretty! My decals in the pockets are fun and add flair to the planner and I got the  vinyl stickers and inspirational quote  from Amazon. Here is a closer look!


I got my HB90 Stickers from ProcrastiplannerEtc! They are just adorable, well made and the perfect size for my planner. I cant wait to use them this month. I love my hot man stickers telling me that I need to be writing – I just might not procrastinate anymore! ❤

The summer time dash board is from my favorite Etsy store, Glam Girl Planners! They have really cute dash boards and they ship really quickly! I also used my, Follow the Rainbow journal to add to the back of my binder. It one of my own designs – exclusively sold at Amazon!

Do you plan? Show me your planners or tell me what your favorite planner swag in the comments! Stay safe. Love, Sage ❤



Birthday Planner Set up!

Happy Birthday to ME!

image2 (9)

Since in my last post, I showed you one of my new favorite things, planner setups, I thought it was appropriate to show off my Birthday month planner!  My favorite color is Pink, so I decided to go with a Hot Pink Webster Pages Binder and I had so fun putting it together. 

image2 (8)

I did some arts and crafts with this set-up because first, it can get a little costly getting all the things to decorate, if you don’t already have it and Its something fun to add that personal touch to your daily binder. I’m really not good with drawing and my printer is out of ink. But I found a stack of saved birthday cards to cut out and decorate the inner flap and used two birthday cards to make the my Birthday queen divider. Than I framed each card with gold washy tape and used my hole puncher! image1 (10)

I also added these little travels size note books to my planner. Both I created and are on sale right now on Amazon!

image0 (2)

Speaking of the Journals that I created, have you seen tall of them? Introducing Journal’s by Sage Spelling! These journals are compact, beautifully designed to inspire and keep track of all your daily to-do-list. These are the perfect size to fit inside your A5 planner journal and look great inside your travelers journal! Head over to my Amazon page to get one or all of the notebooks that inspire your creativity! Love, Sage ❤



Planning, Planners and Decorating!

Something that I’ve gotten into since the beginning of the year is quarterly planning. I took the Heart Breathing’s HB90 course and learned so much about goal setting and prioritize my daily tasks!  Check out Sarra’s You Tube Channel, for all the great information on Kanban Boards and how to get her HB90 goal setting plans. PlannerSince I started following Sarra, she fueled my new obsession with Webster Pages A5 planner binders, planner setups and decorating them! Look how cute all my stuff looks! 

Speaking of decorating the planners, I love my dashboards! If you want fun and adorable dashboards for your planner, check out Glam Girl Planner. They are so cute, well made and ship super fast! The dashboards come in different options for skin tones and hair color, so that you can match the girls on the dash boards to your personal coloring.

Another one of my many obsessions are these adorable Owl stickers from Procrastiplanner  – who just came out with the coolest designs for HB90 course! I just ordered them – so i’ll show you them next week! 

Do you like my Dean Sticker? Well, I got my boo’s sticker from Kawaii Geeky and Mystical Stickers  and they have all the Supernatural boys there too! 

Are any of you a planner? Do you have your favorite brand or shop that sells fun planner swag? Make sure you share in the comments below! Best, Sage ❤


Daily Affirmation Cards

image0 (1)If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting daily affirmation cards. Sometime I think we all struggle to remember how amazing we really are and we let outside voices influence the way we view ourselves! I know I do it all the time. I tend to say things like, it only I lost xx amount of weight or if my dark circles would go away, or a million other things that I would like to change about myself we different but the truth is, I’m perfect and your perfect just as you are! After many years of self- doubt and criticism, I decided to use these daily affirmation cards to remind me how amazing I really am! LOL! But seriously, these cards are wonderful for pushing out the negative voices that tend to taint our own self perception. These Love Yourself Cards well made and the quotes will leave you feeling wonderful from the inside out!

2_PDP_Bundle1_Omega_RoseOil_ALT_580x@2xBiossance is life! For really! Since I’ve been working from home, I’ve been experimenting with face creams and this stuff is just amazing! It makes my face feeling smooth, refreshed, hydrated and completely glowing! 

Find anything new this week? Make sure you share in the comments! Love, Sage ❤