Meet Sage


Sage Spelling has a bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing and co-manages a YouTube channel called Book Harlots. She is a first-generation Chaldean-America with a unique perspective on storytelling. Growing up in a home with immigrant parents and navigating a strict catholic and cultural background of a small indigenous group from Iraq, she has developed her own voice and point of view in her novels. She speaks both Arabic and Chaldean in addition to English. She is a foodie with a huge extended family and loves highlighting those aspects in her work. She tends to describe herself as the perfect archetype for a heroine of a romcom – quirky, a little clumsy. and looking for the love of her life inside of a romance novel. Sage is a Potter-head, Supernatural fanatic, BDB Harlot, a Fashionista, and a believer in love at first sight. 

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