New Planner Favorites and Photo Books

I got new pens and stickers this month! 

These pens are by Taylor Elliott Designs and they are so inspirational! They say things like ‘Be Kind’ and ‘Be Brave’ and they are the cutest colors! They are light weight and really write nicely!

I got new stickers to from Erin Condren! The wonder women stickers and the beauty everyday really made my planner pages pretty! And of  course the sticker store that takes all my money, Procrastiplanner got new podcast stickers and I just had to have them! 



In my July Planner blog, I told you about the mini picture printer. Take a look at how fun this mini printer by Canon is! I was perfect to use for my vision board, family picture page and my book covers in my planner! 41Hd+VHtZhL._AC_SR160,160_

I was really into pictures this month! One of my favorite things I got this month was a picture book for one of my besties on her big 40 birthday using Shutterfly

photo book shutterfly

It turned out fantastic and I’m actually working on another photo book for my mom and a few more birthday gifts this year! I cant wait to show you how they turn out! 

Are you into pictures? Do you have a suggestion for a new favorite things I should try? Let me know in the comments! 

Love, Sage ❤