July Planner binders!

One of my favorite pastimes has become decorating my planners for each month. I love the feeling of getting new stickers, pens and new binders. I think I’m obsessed! LOL! This month, I also did my 90 day goal plan using the Heart Breathing “HB90” plan! So I’m super excited excited to show you all the my new favorite things!

The second planner set-up this month (yes, I did two – I lost the excitement of the 4th of July after the holiday was over! ) So I used my BIG PLANS planner dividers set from Exquiscreation! I just used my stickers from The Happy Planner to decorate the flap! This month, I paired it all with a pen that was gifted to my many years ago by a great friend – It has my name etched on it. It was really a special gift because it was the first thing I was ever given with my Author name on it before I was ever published. ❤

What’s your July Planner look like? Show me or send me links! I’m always looking for new stuff to fall in love with! Also, if you have anything you would like to send me to try out, mail it to:

Sage Spelling PO Box 725043 Berkley, Michigan 48072

Love, Sage ❤

Published by

Sage Spelling

Sage Spelling’s love affair with romance started when she was a child and her mother told tall tales of faraway worlds filled with magic, mystery and happy endings. Whatever hardship the characters suffered, in the end they were granted a happily ever after. It was guaranteed and she knew her investment in the characters and the story was going to be rewarded. Growing up in a strict Chaldean Catholic family, she found freedom in-between the pages of a novel. While she read, she wasn’t confined to her family’s rules and principles. She could be anyone . . . anywhere. Sage is a Potter-head, Supernatural fanatic, a Fashionista and a believer in love at first sight.

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