Books + Make-up = Awesome


image0 (6)This week I had to share my awesome birthday present from my dear friend and fellow Novel Siren, Sienna Snow. Check out these cool story themed shadows from Storybook Cosmetics. 

Look how pretty the colors and the fun names of the shades like Sorcerer: ruby red (metallic), Cloak: graphite grey (matte), Potions: emerald green (metallic) and Prophecy: pearly white (pearl). The shop also has wand and broom inspired make-up brushes, lip glosses and so much more! Check out  Storybook Cosmetics website for all the book and make-up fun! 

I also wanted to share that my novellas all on sale for $.99 cents each! But you can also read them for free on Kindle Unlimited High Stakes , Exposed Cards and Naughty Nightly! 

White Post Note Card

Thats all I have today, let me know in the comments if you have an story  favorite swag, trinkets or make-up of your own! Love, Sage ❤

Published by

Sage Spelling

Sage Spelling’s love affair with romance started when she was a child and her mother told tall tales of faraway worlds filled with magic, mystery and happy endings. Whatever hardship the characters suffered, in the end they were granted a happily ever after. It was guaranteed and she knew her investment in the characters and the story was going to be rewarded. Growing up in a strict Chaldean Catholic family, she found freedom in-between the pages of a novel. While she read, she wasn’t confined to her family’s rules and principles. She could be anyone . . . anywhere. Sage is a Potter-head, Supernatural fanatic, a Fashionista and a believer in love at first sight.

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