Birthday Planner Set up!

Happy Birthday to ME!

image2 (9)

Since in my last post, I showed you one of my new favorite things, planner setups, I thought it was appropriate to show off my Birthday month planner!  My favorite color is Pink, so I decided to go with a Hot Pink Webster Pages Binder and I had so fun putting it together. 

image2 (8)

I did some arts and crafts with this set-up because first, it can get a little costly getting all the things to decorate, if you don’t already have it and Its something fun to add that personal touch to your daily binder. I’m really not good with drawing and my printer is out of ink. But I found a stack of saved birthday cards to cut out and decorate the inner flap and used two birthday cards to make the my Birthday queen divider. Than I framed each card with gold washy tape and used my hole puncher! image1 (10)

I also added these little travels size note books to my planner. Both I created and are on sale right now on Amazon!

image0 (2)

Speaking of the Journals that I created, have you seen tall of them? Introducing Journal’s by Sage Spelling! These journals are compact, beautifully designed to inspire and keep track of all your daily to-do-list. These are the perfect size to fit inside your A5 planner journal and look great inside your travelers journal! Head over to my Amazon page to get one or all of the notebooks that inspire your creativity! Love, Sage ❤