Planning, Planners and Decorating!

Something that I’ve gotten into since the beginning of the year is quarterly planning. I took the Heart Breathing’s HB90 course and learned so much about goal setting and prioritize my daily tasks!  Check out Sarra’s You Tube Channel, for all the great information on Kanban Boards and how to get her HB90 goal setting plans. PlannerSince I started following Sarra, she fueled my new obsession with Webster Pages A5 planner binders, planner setups and decorating them! Look how cute all my stuff looks! 

Speaking of decorating the planners, I love my dashboards! If you want fun and adorable dashboards for your planner, check out Glam Girl Planner. They are so cute, well made and ship super fast! The dashboards come in different options for skin tones and hair color, so that you can match the girls on the dash boards to your personal coloring.

Another one of my many obsessions are these adorable Owl stickers from Procrastiplanner  – who just came out with the coolest designs for HB90 course! I just ordered them – so i’ll show you them next week! 

Do you like my Dean Sticker? Well, I got my boo’s sticker from Kawaii Geeky and Mystical Stickers  and they have all the Supernatural boys there too! 

Are any of you a planner? Do you have your favorite brand or shop that sells fun planner swag? Make sure you share in the comments below! Best, Sage ❤