Hot Rollers!

Its been awhile since I last posted in Sage’s Favorite things. But since quarantine, I’ve fallen in love with bunch of new and/or rediscovered awesome things.

Hot Rollers are my new rediscovered fabulous thing! I alway wished that I could recreate that bouncy salon looking hair on my own and since my quarantine experimenting – I rediscovered hot rollers. Check out this set of jumbo set of Hot Rollers from Target.

Also, since quarantine, I’m reading a whole lot! And this new-to-me series is so freaking fantastic. I first listened to all 4 books in Audible and loved them so much, I had to get them in hardcovers from Amazon! Aren’t they pretty?

Speaking of reading, did you know I started a Vblog with two awesome friends? We call ourselves the Book Harlots! Aliza Mann, AJ Norris and I are huge fans of JR Ward’s, Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and decided to re-read of the entire series! The first episode,  Love at First Bite, about the book Dark Lover, is up and ready for viewing!  Check it out! I also used the hot rollers the day we recorded the Vblog. You can see if you wanted to give them a try!

Book Harlots Logo

Have you discovered or rediscovered anything new during quarantine? Tell me in the comments! Until next time, stay health and safe! Love Sage ❤