Sage Spelling’s Favorite Things!

I love shopping! Who doesn’t, right? But sometimes I can get, well, let’s just say slightly carried away. Books. Shoes. Purse. Harry Potter anything. Dresses. Stationary. Makeup. Pillows. Supernatural campaign t-shirts. Any and everything. If it’s shiny or fandom-ish, I become a little obsessive compulsive. My finds are always so awesome, I wanted to share my treasures with you! 

My Ultimate Favorite Things! 

My Sephora  finds! I can spend hours in this store and my entire paycheck, but these two are my must have staple items. 

First up is my favorite perfume, Flower Bomb, by Viktor & Rolf. 

image2 (1)The first time I tried this perfume years ago, I was addicted. A friend had me spray it on my wrist and I just couldn’t stop smelling myself.  It was so delicious! The scent is this explosion of a sweet/flowery fragrance. It has subtle hints of jasmine, deep amber, a trace of woody notes and this exquisite combination of warm vanilla and praline. 

They’re Real Mascara, By Benefit Cosmetics 

image1 (1)

This mascara comes in black and brown and gives a fabulous false lashes look without the fuss or mess of fake lashes and glue. The trick is to do two coats of mascara. Do one coat, then do something else and let them dry for a few minutes before putting on another coat. And BAM, instant long lashes. 

A Few of My Favorite Book and TV Series! 

Young Adult, Paranormal and Romance! 

Harry Potter Series By JK Rowling. Yes, I’ve read them all five times, maybe more. This young adult series story my heart with a vibrate world that enticed all five of my senses, pulled at my heart strings and had the most beautiful underline message that highlighted the power of love.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, By JR Ward. Hot and sexy alpha males, these vampires are a band of Brothers sworn to protect the citizens of there race. A paranormal romances, this story sizzles with love, passion, and family that has you wanting so much more. Good thing theres a lot of books in this series to keep you busy! 

IMG_6678Supernatural! Dean Winchester, starring, Jensen Ackles and his bother Sam, Jared Padalecki are not only the best eye candy ever, they work together to fight both inner and external monsters with the help of a faithful Angel Castiel, Misha Collins. I only just joined the Fandom of the Supernatural family in April of this year and have watched all 13 seasons – twice. The plots, mythology and brotherly bond is spellbinding. They’re truly my newest fictional boyfriends and I love them! 

Audio Books! 

Lately, it seems like I listen to books way more than reading them. I can get a few chapters in while driving, working, cleaning, or curled up in my bed and its hands free! If your a romance reader like me, Audible offers a Romance package that has saved me lots of money!  

Did Someone Say Shoes! image1 (3)

These round toe wedges, A New Day from Target have become my favorite work shoe! There cute, comfy and go with just about everything!


Okay, I can go on forever, but I think thats enough for today! Hope you enjoyed my ultimate favorite things because I enjoyed sharing them with you!