Sage Spelling

A Sexy Ever After 


What the reviewers are saying about High Stakes:

“This was a satisfying and unique story. Catalina (Cat) has a medical issue that she is desperately trying to hide, and it keeps her from living her life fully. She’s the consummate good girl. Blake is that spoiled and self-centered rich boy who falls for the good girl. And she lets him corrupt her! I loved these two characters. They reminded me of A Walk To Remember. . .” Author, R. C. Matthews
“In High Stakes by Sage Spelling, virgin-librarian Cat is keen to hide her epilepsy and live a normal life, but basketball captain Blake is intent on sleeping with her in order to win a bet. However, Cat promptly tells him, “I’m not having sex with your sweet-talking, panty dropping sexy ass.” Well, we don’t want the sexy librarian to go too easy on the campus bad boy.  Blake’s nasty Dad decides that Blake needs a tutor and straight A’s and Cat is given the job forcing her to spend time with him.  Expect a lot of sexy banter as these two really get to know each other.” Heroes and Heartbreakers, Jane Kriel